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is here to help you navigate and master the complexity of government contracts requirements so you may develop and implement accounting solutions that are fully compliant with these unique accounting and reporting regulations.  DCAA-Assist works with you to create a simplified approach for the setup, maintenance, and tracking of projects so your business can implement and rely upon a DCAA approved labor reporting system and internal control environment essential for successful government contracting.


DCAA-Assistís implementation plan for full DCAA Compliance is road tested and gets you to a strong DCAA Compliance position quickly.

  Time keeping solution(s)
∑   Payroll integration

∑   QBís integration (payroll journal entries)

   G/L structure and contract readiness w/ corresponding job ledgers

   FAR friendly Policies & Procedures

   Internal Control environment

   FAR 31.205 Unallowable costs

   Incurred Cost electronic (ICE) submissions and pro forma rates determinations

∑   Proper utilization of Indirect Cost pools

   Audit preparedness and proper DCAA correspondence

   SF-1408 System Assessment & Attestation

DCAA Compliance (Preaward Audit Support)

DCAA-Assist provides new and early stage government contractors with a comprehensive orientation to DCAA time and financial reporting requirements and recommends solutions to implement DCAA compliant accounting processes/systems utilizing low-cost applications. The basic features include:

  • DCAA compliant electronic timesheet, synchronized payroll cycles and progress billing, properly formatted invoicing/vouchering, and DCAA indirect rate (overhead and general & administrative expenses) tracking.
  • Support for time and expense reporting solutions and staff preparation for DCAA audits (floor checks, internal controls reviews, ICE).
  • Hands-on training (+ remote support) for your accounting staff to become independent as quickly as possible.
  • Access to contract specialists to insure that your intellectual property and trade secrets are protected.
  • Access to former veteran DCAA auditors who know how the system works.

QuickBooks Setup and Support

DCAA-Assist specializes in the setup and maintenance of DCAA compliant QuickBooks Accounting Software implementation. We can help design a system to best fit your business needs and provide the support needed on an ongoing basis. We can provide assistance via remote access for your convenience. The benefits of this simple and integrated approach include:

  • Utilize simple QuickBooks financial accounting to comply with DCAA requirements.

  • Project/Contract financial reports available direct from QuickBooks utilizing the Customer:Job recording feature.

  • Accurate and detailed progress billings based on actual direct and indirect costs synchronized with your payroll cycles.

  • Project cost management including period and cumulative labor + costs compared to total contract value and project budgets.

  • Creation of cost pools for capturing all fringe benefits, general & administrative, overhead and indirect dollars/rates.

  • Periodic calculation and review of rates (+ Incurred Cost projections) applied to progress billings to insure accurate recovery of indirect costs.

  • Minimized duplicate data entry.



DCAA Compliance Solutions
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